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Brian Baity

Brian Baity is an artist of many mediums.  Our show focuses on his photography but also gives you a peek into his sculptural works. Brian's photography tells a story of a time and place that he was lucky enough to experience and in turn, we are lucky enough to share through his lens. Brian has also given us the stories behind the photos, which is a unique perspective that many artists don't allow.  From the Philippines to New York to Paris to Bulgaria and even here in our own back yard, Brian has brought photographs that we can relate to and hopefully step into and enjoy his moments with him. 


As a photographer, Brian has exhibited art all over Utah and other far-off places, with permanent installations in the Lan Su Yuan Chinese Garden Portland Oregon, Vermillion South Dakota, and in the Ethnographic Museum Velingrad, Bulgaria.  His artwork has won extensive awards, including being the recipient of more than three hundred seventy (370) first-place awards and over four hundred seventy five (560) total art-related awards.  Brian has received numerous Utah Best of State awards for his photos, jewelry, carvings and humanitarian work.

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