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Alex Kelly

Artist Reception October 7, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

I’m an English artist living in utah. I moved to utah over 4 years ago with my 4 beautiful girls and husband! We moved from Ireland where we lived for 13 years!

I studied scientific and natural history illustration at university in England where I graduated with a bachelor of arts!

I had the opportunity to paint the gold leaf and decorative work in 6 Latter Day Saint temples, which was an amazing experience before I served a mission for my church.

 I went on to be a free lance illustrator where I did mostly commissioned work! I grew to love pencil portraits and continued to do these while having my 4 girls!


When we started our adventure here in utah I took the opportunity to use it to really delve into my art, I knew I wanted to make it something more than it was and as my girls were older I felt like it was time for me! I continued to do my portraits and used colored pencil. I then decided to pick up the paint brush again and I was drawn to landscapes of home! The dark moody skies, clouds and the green fields, maybe because I missed home so much or wanted to bring a bit of green to utah! My love for painting grew and landscapes of England, Ireland, Scotland and wales became my inspiration! I’ve always loved acrylic paint and was nervous to try other things but recently started to experiment with oil paint, which I’m growing to love. 

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