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Anders Roseberg

Anders Roseberg is an award-winning children’s book author from Salt Lake City, Utah.  He really got into art at seven years old after watching his brother sketch beautiful mountain lions and other majestic creatures with ease. His brother gave him private lessons on drawing realistic ninja turtles and some of his favorite TV characters.  In Elementary school, he traded drawings for favors or treats from his classmates. Even the class bully made requests. His Elementary teachers believed that Anders would be drawing comics in newspapers or in the cartoon industry.  He won some awards during his school years for his posters and art. In high school, he took Honors Art and received one of the top scores in the class. Most of his mediums were colored pencils, charcoal, and oil paints.  In college, he started doing photography which later turned into filmmaking.

After many years of an art hiatus, Anders reunited with his passion for drawing and art when he and his daughter decided to re-create some of the most famous paintings starring anthropomorphic cats, a favorite animal of the family.  Most of the CopyCats are done with acrylics, digitally, or a combination of both. Anders plans on compiling the CopyCats into a new picture book in the near future. He aims to teach children about these classic favorites and get them excited and talking about art as each CopyCat has some fun facts and other info on the back. He wants children to know that there isn't just one way to paint a cat! 

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