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Anika Ferguson

I've always been an artist.  I knew that's what I was in kindergarten.  It was just who I was.  It was what I do.  That has never changed.  In my art classes in University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I began a series on Music and Movement.  I wanted to try to share with the viewer a SOUND through colors, movement, and textures.  As this idea progressed and I found myself explaining my series "Music and Movement" to professors, I was taught about a neurological condition called Synesthesia in which information meant to stimulate one of your senses stimulates several of your senses. I was surprised to learn that when hearing music others don't always associate it with colors and textures the way I do.  I was happy to find that my series can bring something new to the viewer.  I can share with you an experience that  I have regularly.  It's a lot of fun now to share my vision of certain sounds with others!

Anika moved to Canada in 1990.  She lived in Edmonton and Calgary where she attended the University of Calgary, enrolled in the Developmental Arts Program, with the intention of teaching art in Secondary Schools after graduation.  In her 3rd year she met Paul Ferguson and moved to Utah, where she finished her degree, transferring into a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a focus on Education. 


Now 15 years later I couldn't be more happy teaching students of ALL ages in my own studio, framing and creating beautiful art constantly.  

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