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Carter Larson

 I feel as though everyone is born with the capabilities to create a masterpiece, especially as we are young. But I think that as time goes on many of us lose the ability to display our souls through color. I've never lost this ability. I've had many experiences in my life and I didn't realize I was showing that through my artwork until I looked back at it later. I am a mixed media artist, so I try to create with anything I can find. I simply love to capture the breathtaking emotional and physical wonders of this world. At times I have felt like I have lost myself but I could always be found in color and nature. I don't get lost so much anymore. I feel that as color has grown within me it has become more vivid throughout everything and then it really began to burst and bloom on the canvas and in the lens. 

Screenshot 2021-06-27 165419.png
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