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Contessa Ott

Artist Reception September 2, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Hi I'm Contessa, a Utah based Fiber Artist creating modern weavings. I've always been involved in art ever since doing competitive art shows as a child. I was a painter for most of my young life but often got frustrated with coming up with concepts and original pieces. I taught myself how to weave in 2019 and never looked back. I weave through various techniques like knotting, looping, and the common over and under movement. I like to use various materials like wool, ribbons, and beads. Sourcing handspun yarn from other creators and even spinning my own yarn, has been a highlight of the process for me. The materials I use speak for themselves often and working with my hands in this way feels magical.


I like to work abstractly instead of literally, something I could've used in my painting life, often using symbolism to get themes across. The work feels like it comes to life on its own which I love. Sometimes I have meanings in mind and other times it comes to me during the process. Common themes I've explored recently are Feminism, LGBTQ+, Charity work, and Spirituality. But there's always room to just enjoy the materials and colors. 


I've been featured in the Springville Museum of Art 36th Annual Spiritual and Religious show and 99th Spring Salon. Hoping to get into more shows in the future. I'm currently a part of the American Craft Council. 

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