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Debbe Schuster

Artist Reception July 1, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

I grew up in Muleshoe, Texas (in the Texas Panhandle) on a small farm/ranch.
We had cattle and horses to work the cattle and I helped with whatever I could from Jr. High until I graduated from High School. I also came back and worked as a foreman for 10 years. It was hard but rewarding work.
I started taking painting classes then. I painted in pastel and watercolor. I love to paint animals, birds and tried to incorporate old ranch themes at that time. I won some art shows back then and really enjoyed the work.
I did not think I could make it as an artist and decided to go to Nursing School in Lubbock, Texas. I graduated in 1987 with my BSN, Nursing license. 


I also worked at St. Joseph’s Villa as their Director of Education. I retired in 2020 when COVID occurred. After retirement, I knew I wanted to continue my painting and took a class at theWorkshop SLC. I decided to start painting in Acrylics to reduce the cost of framing my paintings and have really become very passionate about what I am doing. I also started looming beads into pictures. These pictures take longer to accomplish than painting, but I enjoy the results. I hope you enjoy my paintings and beaded pictures.I do have a store on Etsy, but it is just baby steps right now. It is called DebbeLee’s Designs ( My goal is to sellmy paintings for individuals to enjoy in their homes. I am also wanting to paint portraits of individuals and animals for loved ones. You can contact me on my Etsy Page for information about commissions.

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