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Gunter Radinger

I was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1943, and immigrated to the
United States in 1952.

My interest in art began before I can remember. I have not been formally educated in art, but am totally self- taught. My inspiration comes from anything I see that interests me, photographs that I take or family members ask me to render through my eyes. Much of my work is taken from personal memory or mental images which I try to put on canvas. My particular interest is in the Western themes and vistas of which there is a great abundance in Utah

My education consists of high school, four years of college with a degree in Spanish, and post-graduate studies culminating in a Master’s Degree in Spanish Literature.


I served two years of active duty in the US Army during the Viet Nam era. After my active duty, I married Carol Rimensberger, and we have two boys and four grandchildren.

After owning several businesses (Fendall Ice Cream, The Oxford Shop), I have retired and am now pursuing selling my art to a larger audience, created over many years and continuing to the present. I’m accepting commissions and have an eclectic body of work. I’ve been fortunate to have participated in numerous exhibits to include the Zions Art Show, Avenues Street Fair, Avenues Open Studios, Alpine Art Gallery, and others. I also have sold works to collectors in London, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Argentina, as well as
throughout the United States.

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