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Jairo Dealba

Jair Dealba was born and raised in Madrid, Spain.  He taught himself how to depend on the beauty of books, cartoons, and the wonders of music. His dreams became true when he determined to live a fruitful life.  Along with deciding to produce art that came straight from his heart, his life opened up and granted him other blessings, such as marrying the love of his life, Taylor, and raising the most beautiful son in the world.  Life was easy in it's own way.  He gave up on giving himself a hard time for the things he could not control. 


Art and life gave way to self awareness. Themes of relationships and life stories weave a common thread through his work that viewers immediately connect to and identify with.  He won an international award for art, and has been showing consistently in multiple galleries in the state that he resides in, Utah. This year he had a piece accepted, shown and sold in the prestigious Springville Salon.  His work manages to bring about the brightness of life with the fact that self-awareness is the only way to understand the human experience.  It is these stories you'll recognize in Jairo's work:  familial relationships, birth, death, dreams, and the common pathways our lives take while making crucial decisions throughout life. 


Jairo says of his art, "My art leads and guides me to understand what my experience in this life is really about.  Especially, as I see it, I hear the answers to the questions it brings.  The pieces I create happen to be parts of me in the aspect of what I desire to have, and what I am working towards.  Life is all about learning how to achieve the dreams and goals we need to have, not the ones we want."

For commissions and questions DM @ jdealbapoetry on Instagram.

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Artist Reception February 2024

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