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Leslie Wignall

My name is Leslie Wignall, and I am an Alcohol Ink Artist. I am self-taught and have been using
this medium for two years. My interest in Alcohol Ink began immediately after the Covid
lockdown in 2020. My artistic creativity began years ago at a young age baking and decorating
wedding cakes and I made wedding cakes for over 40 years. I started experimenting with alcohol inks and created quite a few pieces in 2020. My sister encouraged me from the beginning to keep going and I entered my first market at Tuachan in St. George. Shortly after, I entered
more markets and began teaching alcohol ink workshops. My hobby has grown into a small
business where I am now teaching workshops monthly at local venues in Salt Lake City. I have
branched out and currently hold workshops at private corporate events in Park City, Utah.

My alcohol ink art is abstract, and it is fun to hear what others see in a piece. The colors are so
vibrant and mesmerizing. I really love teaching these classes and have found working with
this type of medium is very therapeutic and relaxing. You just get lost in the creation process
and you are able to let go of any stress and negative energy for a while and just focus on how
the inks are moving and flowing on the paper. The process is applying alcohol to the inks which
activate the ink to move and flow. I use my breath and an air blower to push and move the ink
around the paper. The alcohol causes the inks to evaporate quickly creating beautiful abstract

I also paint with different types of mediums such as acrylics and resin. I recently began
teaching resin art at Flowerstone Frame & Art in Riverton Utah. My focus has been with resin
to create beautiful functional art, such as serving trays and lazy susans, and wall art as well.

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