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We are so ready for our new location

Well it's been quite the whirlwind of emotions on our end. Our shop finally began construction in December, and things are becoming SUPER REAL! With the walls up and the shop looking more and more like a functional space, we are eagerly getting things ready for the Grand Opening!

Our most recent task was to go and find a Sign for outside the building. What you think would be a simple task... just isn't when you're trying to represent an Art Center! We're Artists... We won't settle for less than creative and beautiful!

In our brainstorming sessions, we decided to hit up a local Barnwood shop Got Old Wood Co. to talk out our design a few experts. It's amazing the kind of local business we have! This shop was definitely one we will continue to work with as time moves forward

... I'm thinking Barnwood Frames!

We loved what they have to say, and our designs are being drafted up!

Once we have more photos to share... We will make sure you're the first to know!

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