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Share Etherington

Share Etherington studied photography, drawing, painting and art history in high school and college and began painting with acrylics regularly in 2018. Share works as people manager for a software company and loves her creative outlet at her home studio in Provo, Utah. 


Share has been creating since she can remember and loves to dabble in all varieties from home tiling DIY projects to digital photo editing. Discovering acrylics was the lightbulb and the medium Share had been searching out for a couple decades. Through trial and error, she found her style unexpectedly abstract. Share describes her work as effervescent abstraction, as it expresses an appealingly lively quality of brushstrokes and movement. As an intuitive painter, she is inspired by van Gogh, a wide variety of music and the beauty of the written word. Her goal as an artist is to capture the energy, light and emotion of a moment in time.


When not working or getting herself covered in paint, Share loves spending time with her husband, toddler and 3 dogs, drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, singing karaoke with her best friends, reading or planning trips to see the world. 

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